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The Employee BBS is a database compiling all of the Chook Industries BBS posts. It includes all past and present memos. Newest postings are listed first.

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  • Mail Inquiries: If you wrote the following mail will please contact Laura Hadaway or Kurt Watson as soon as possible. Letter Follows - (Note - For purposes of authenticity, spelling and grammar has been left uncorrected):

    Lucille, do I know you? I used to go to the same school. I guess you are Jon's bud, he is nice guy. Maybe we meet and you can party with me. I Like long walks and hot dogs, my mom make good hot dogs. Many time we get sick and mom get mad after she helps dad make his hot dog hot. I love to talk but got much love to give out; i make sure i save a Hot dog for you
  • Pass Key Notice: Upper Management has received numerous complaints about the installation of the bathroom pass keys on 2/4/00 before the pass key meeting to discuss said installation on 2/5/00. Larry Snow has issued the following comment concerning the matter, "Look I just do what I am told. The fact of the matter is that two days before the pass key meeting was to be held our phone operatives received a very threatening phone call that said, 'Spy Cams, Spy Cams'. Since I know that Chook Industries puts the employee first, I feel it necessary to mention at this time that Chook has no need to spy on its workers to make sure they aren't playing Win-solitaire. I am sure that the cameras in the women's bathroom were the work of an industrious pervert whom we will eventually capture and prosecute accordingly. Chad Tulak is investigating the matter as we speak." Jim Shooter would further like to add to Larry's comments an apology for any employee inconvenience. We would appreciate your patience and cooperation at this time.

  • The padlock on the microwave has been removed since the Baby Ruth vandalism has finally stopped.

  • The Book of the Month has been declared. MLA Handbook, 5th ed., by Joseph Gibaldi. Selected by William Brazil.

  • All Chook Industries Employees will not be receiving the 20% discount at Office Max as promised at the beginning of the year.

  • 2/4/00 - Passkeys have been installed on all bathrooms. Please stop by payroll to get your Bathroom Debit Passkeys (BDP). General use of bathrooms will be complimentary as will urinal use. However, toilet usage will cost $0.50 per visit. Also remember your Bathroom Debit Pass-key (BDP) can be used to buy anything at Chook Industries, just see payroll to add or subtract money to your account.

  • Passkey Meeting to be rescheduled on 2/5/00: After a number of complaints from employees who felt they were unfairly fined for not attending the Passkey Meeting held on 1/15/00 the meeting has been rescheduled to 2/5/00. Originally the meeting had been scheduled for 1/17/00 but on an emergency basis the meeting date had been changed to 1/15/00. Larry Snow said he would issue a comment later this week concerning the matter. Because this is all highly irregular and confusing, the new date for the Pass-Key meeting will be on 2/5/00. As it stands now, all employees will not be fined until the issue of the missed meeting is resolved at next week's board meeting. However, all non-salary workers will notice that they have been fined. This does not mean you are really fined. This is all due to how payroll puts out the paychecks; if employees are not fined then all non-salary workers will be reimbursed. Hopefully all this will be amended soon.

  • It is with much regret that we must announce the cancellation of all scheduled "Bring your Pokemon to Work" days indefinitely. After much discussion between Larry and Jim, both agreed that while the incident between William Brazil's "Rain soaked tire full of spiders" and Larry's own "Dumpster Rat?" was "cool", Nick Loven's site suggested that it wasn't safe. As a result, the cafeteria has been shut down until everything has run its course. The official ruling in the Snow/Brazil match has been declared a draw, and as such Mr. Brazil does not win any new vacation days.

  • All employees are allowed to post a homepage on If you are interested please contact Cliff Woodman.

  • Last week a notice was issued that no one was to put any more chocolate in the microwave. Someone has taken it upon himself or herself to be a creative "smart-ass". On Tuesday afternoon a photocopy of a Baby Ruth bar was found placed on the rotating tray of the microwave. This type of behavior is not acceptable! If these antics continue, then microwave privileges will be monitored in the future.

  • PASSKEY MEETING MEMO: Everyone who missed the Passkey Meeting on 1/15/00 will be docked one day's pay. If you have any questions concerning, please see payroll.

  • The Passkey Meeting held on 1/15/00 was a success. Employees who would like a copy of the minutes can get their copies by posting an SASE to Chook Industries with 5.95 enclosed for paper reproduction costs. Minutes are NOT available to non-employees.

  • The employee login feature will be added to the main website later in the week.

  • ONE WEEK NOTICE - The passkey meeting will be held on 1/17/00 at 2pm in the main conference room.

  • All employees of Chook Industries are to wear appropriate dress to Chook Industries facilities. Chook Industies Insignia Wear or other appropriate professional attire is acceptable. Below are examples of what is appropriate and what is not.

    Appropriate Clothing Inappropriate Clothing

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