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The Employee BBS is a database compiling all of the Chook Industries BBS posts. It includes all past and present memos. Newest postings are listed first.

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  • President Larry Snow will be away in the Outer Banks for the next month investigating business opportunities. During his absence, Jim Shooter will be acting President.

  • Would all employees please clean their work areas or cubicles before going home today

  • Message from Larry Snow: Keep America Rolling! I encourage all of you to buy American. Hell, if it's not a Lincoln or my new cherry Hummer, I don't want to drive it. Go America, that's our motto. However, it has been brought to my attention through a recent employee BBS post that one of my beloved employees has purchased an Aztek. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. The Pontiac Aztek is the Edsel of our time, and I won't have one of those rolling eye sores boogering up our parking lots, scaring away potential clients and the politicians we have around so frequently for luncheons. Therefore, effective immediately, NO Chook employee shall own or lease a Pontiac Aztek. Also, lot B will be closed to employees once again, starting next Tuesday. Re-paving will be finished by the end of next week, so if you were going to complain - don't. I'll be at the Outer Banks anyway, so don't waste the e-mail system resources.

  • "Import Only" spaces are designed to accommodate import automobiles, such as Hondas, Toyotas, or Opels. They are NOT large enough to accommodate the somewhat wieldy and unsightly proportions of a Pontiac Aztec. Would the owner of the Aztec please park further down the lot.

  • Would Kermit please "kindly" pick up his pager.

  • All employees should realize that re-painting parking spaces is not an acceptable solution for being unable to find a parking place. If you are having problems with finding parking spaces, direct your complaints to Human Resources. Please be sure to follow the appropriate rules when lodging complaints; be they in reference to parking woes, or any other legitimate complaints.

  • The LV Boiler House Sub Station has developed a harmonics hum. The problem will be rectified at 1:00 pm this afternoon by switching in a second transformer to share some of the load. This means that blocks C-E and the shed will be without power for approximately 5 minutes. Please save your work on your computer if your section is affected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Because no definition of what a revote was or what constitutes one could be found, no further Wednesday civics classes will be offered. As compensation, those who are still interested will be offered a free course in how to build your own web page and put it on Geocities to exercise your freedom of speech. Sample pages will include: your likes and dislikes, mini bios, favorite musical act, family, vacation pictures, web journals and funny links.

  • Stop letting Peanut the stray puppy in the building.

  • Because of funding problems, Lot C will not be repaved. Mr. Snow has decided that the space in front of the building needs widened so he has enough space to park his Hum-V.

  • Pam Ellis would like to thank those who remembered it was her birthday. However, she was badly upset by the fact that her age was posted. In the future, would employees please get consent before posting personal details so as to respect privacy.

  • Please join the entire Chook family in wishing a very warm and happy birthday to Pam Ellis! She turns 36 this Friday. Happy B-Day, Pam!

  • A civics course is being offered on Wednesday the 30th to alleviate recent confusion surrounding what constitutes a revote and how to access and use the "Revote the Vote: It is your Free Constitutionalization". All employees are urged to attend.

  • Would Kermit please pick up his pager.

  • The right-hand lift will be temporarily out of service Wednesday to allow it to be re-roped. The left-hand lift be out of service Thursday for similar maintenance.

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