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The Employee BBS is a database compiling all of the Chook Industries BBS posts. It includes all past and present memos. Newest postings are listed first.

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  • Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 14:22:11 -0400 (EDT)
    To: Chook Industries BBS Task Force
    From: Louis Bouchelle <>
    Subject:   West Nile Proposal
    Hello, is Louis.  I have a idea which is a proposal for West Nile Friday.
    A friend of a friend, a pigeon keeper and trainer, could speak on birds
    and the West Nile.  Is good no?  Let me know.
    Louis Bouchelle Esq.

  • The West Nile Tele-a-thon and the West Nile Test-a-thon are not the same event. Both are being held on September 6th to increase awareness on the West Nile infection. If you have further questions please contact Pam Ellis in Human Resource.

  • Don't forget to sign up for the West Nile Tele-a-thon on Big Board for Friday, September 6th.

  • In response to the West Nile Virus scare, Health and Welfare will be providing a free, day long "Test-a-thon", available to all employees. The "Test-a-thon" will take place all day on Friday, September 6th. Employees suffering from flu-like symptoms are especially encouraged to attend.

  • Coke and other sweet carbonated beverages are banned from the copier room. Hot bitter beverages and water however may still be consumed in the copier room.

  • The Clown Squad has received permission to temporarily move the Gauntlet Machine to Kitchen Unit B on Thursday while the employee lounge is being recarpeted. This means lunch time gaming will resume as normal.

  • The employee lounge will be closed Thursday for recarpetting.

  • To alleviate concerns: No there 'should not' be any standing water in the Chook Building. Upper Management issued this warning only in case of the unforeseen circumstance that there was.

  • Upper Management should be notified as soon as possible in any such instances of standing water seen next to electrical equipment so that these areas may be blocked off with warning tape. Please do not under any circumstances block these areas off yourself with chairs or tables, being as you can get badly electrocuted.

  • TJ will no longer be maintaining his soy bean patch as a part of his rehabilitation. The herbicide that was sprayed on the walks did affect soy beans plants, and at this stage there doesn't really seem to be any point in continuing the project unless TJ wants to.

    Will Jaffe

  • The theme has been changed back to normal.

    Cliff Woodman

  • The plumbing problems that were affecting Admin Wing, Module D and the living quarters have been rectified. It seems that several of the pipes faulty. These pipes have been replaced.

  • All walkways will sprayed with herbacide today. There have been questions as to whether or not that this would affect the small soy bean patch cultivated by TJ. It should not.

  • Brian, grow up.

    Pam Ellis

  • Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 08:54:53 -0400 (EDT)
    To: Chook Industries BBS Task Force <>
    From: Brian Chen <>
    Miss Ellis may not have received my idea for the Al Miles theme so well,
    but what I find odd is that she left the party at Jer's Friday when she
    saw me talking to Cindy.
    Brian Chen

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