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The Employee BBS is a database compiling all of the Chook Industries BBS posts. It includes all past and present memos. Newest postings are listed first.

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  • Tuesday Talk Tank - "Macrobiotics and other markets that aren't good investments" with Reverend Caruther's in the Snack Room Tuesday at 3pm.

  • The Clown Squad has once again complained to the Chook Industries BBS Task Force (CIBBSTF) that they have not been referred to as the Clown Cartel. The Chook Industries BBS Task Force (CIBBSTF) would like to remind the Clown Squad that for reasons related to continuity, that their request cannot be processed at this time. Additionally, if the Clown Squad would apologize for taking and breaking all of the No. 2 pencils from the Chook Industries BBS Task Force's (CIBBSTF) filing cabinet for the purposes of crack pencils, maybe their requests would be reviewed with a greater degree of consideration.

  • Missing: If you've seen a "Squeegee" could you please return it to TJ.

  • The Clown Squad has asked Upper Management to consider placing "The Simpsons" 1991 Konami arcade unit into the snack room. In an attempt to show that there is a wide spread support for the purchase of the arcade machine among staff, The Clown Squad is also trying to raise money which will be put forward to the machine's purchase. If you want to show your support, be sure to drop nickels, dimes, quarters and loose bills into the "Dream Token Jar" next to the microwave in the snack room.

  • The group of employees who loosely refer to themselves as the Clown Squad have complained to the Chook Industries BBS Task Force (CIBBSTF) because their name is not in fact the Clown Squad, but the "Clown Cartel". The Chook Industries BBS Task Force (CIBSSTF) apologizes to the Clown Cartel for this error, however for continuity reasons, the Chook Industries BBS Task Force will not be reediting any of the content already posted on the Chook Industries Employee BBS (CIEMB).

  • For Sale: Squeegee - Like New! $2.00 or best offer. Please contact TJ.

  • There have been complaints among staff about the recent cancellation of the "Book of the Month" portion of the Employee BBS. Because of the number of complaints that upper management has received, the matter will be reconsidered for reevaluation.

  • Chook Industries Network Administration (CINA) apologizes for the slowness of the network for the past couple days. This was caused by a faulty switch which was duplicating packets, so resultantly flooding the network with packets. The problem had to be cured manually as it could not be tracked by either IP address or ethernet address.

  • Book of the Month: "The Verve: Crazed Highs and Horrible Lows" selected by Petra Jolles.

  • "Book of the Month" on Employee BBS Cancelled: The "Book of the Month" portion of the Employee BBS has been permanently canceled due to a general lack of enthusiasm, irregularity of "Book of the Month" submissions (movie, television shows and video games submissions do NOT count, NOR ever have) and the fact that "Book of the Month" selection depletes 6% of the Chook Industries annual budget. This month will the final "Book of the Month" on the Chook Industries Employee BBS.

  • Employees who purchase their Mouse Pads through Beagles Unlimited will receive a 15% discount. Outer space and marine life prints are now available!

  • Warning: If any employee is caught playing "crack pencils", "whip pencils", "jab pencils", "strip-n-tip draw" or any pencil/ pen variant game, they will be suspended one week without pay. Although this warning has been aimed at all staff, it is namely aimed at the group of employees who refer to themselves as the "Clown Squad".

  • Pam Ellis would like to thank everybody for their cooperation in using parking lot B yesterday.

  • Pam Ellis would like to remind employees who use parking lot B are asked to park across the street on Monday due to the luncheon.

  • Notice: Interested in being the Beagles Unlimited Auxiliary Paintball Team Mascot? If so please email Ted Fathers.

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