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The Employee BBS is a database compiling all of the Chook Industries BBS posts. It includes all past and present memos. Newest postings are listed first.

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  • BobaCon: Are you a Boba Fett and wondering if there are other Boba Fetts out there? Just what do female Boba Fetts like to do on dates? Well, here is your chance to find out at BobaCon where you can meet Boba Fetts from all walks of life. At BobaCon, who can tell what types of Boba Fett you might run into, maybe Boba Fetts from Ohio State University or maybe Iran. BobaCon is the first ever Boba Fett Convention to be held in the United States. BobaCon boasts tons of attractions, like of Boba Bazaar where you can purchase cool Fettian merchandise. There are also a host of activities ranging from conferences to the BobaWars where you can test your Boba might against other Boba Fetts. The question is though, are you Boba Fett enough? If so contact Trey 'Money' Larson or The Whore of Ebay for more information. Prices are available upon request.

                            ____   ____   ____   ___       ______ ____   _   __
                           / __ ) / __ \ / __ ) /   |     / ____// __ \ / | / /
                          / __  |/ / / // __  |/ /| |    / /    / / / //  |/ /
                         / /_/ // /_/ // /_/ // ___ |   / /___ / /_/ // /|  /
                        /_____/ \____//_____//_/  |_|   \____/ \____//_/ |_/
                                    ------------*---         /
                                                   |-----| -/
                                                        /  \\   /
                                                       \     \\/
  • Complaint Reply: TJ, we will see what we can't do.

         Sincerely, Trey 'Money' Larson

    -----Original Message-----
    From: TJ <>
    To: Employee BBS Manager <>
    Date: Thursday, May 11, 2000 13:40
    Subject: Unnecessary Advertising
    Could the people who run the employee BBS please tone down the
    unnecessary advertising a bit. Employees like myself regularly use this
    page and it is really bothersome, especially the Java Windows. And
    please stop using the ANSI graphics. Not only can I not tell what they
    and they are completely pointless, they knock down any other new updates
    and nobody reads them, because nobody ever scrolls down.
  • Management has decided to launch a full investigation into Wednesday's break room offense. Though some people may find it amusing to scrawl the word "Ebola" across the front of the refrigerator in half cooked hamburger, the parties responsible should be advised that this sort of behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances. It not only makes co-workers uncomfortable, but is also EXTREMELY unsanitary. Rest assured that swift action is being taken to resolve this issue, and that punishment will be SEVERE.

  • Imagine something that is beautiful, deadly and a great investment. What could it be? Shark Teeth!!! In Ancient Rome shark teeth would sometimes bring more money than a sack of gold. Today they are worn as medallions of good luck, symbolizing stoicism, enlightenment and peace of mind. Sharks Teeth are also a great way to protect yourself. Why mess with messy pepper spray or gimmicky batons when you can just shred with a razor sharp set of shark teeth? For more information contact Trey 'Money' Larson or The Whore of Ebay. Prices are available upon request. Also be sure to ask about our special tooth refitting dental fixtures and how you can get a mouthful of sharks teeth.

                                        \\\                   ||
                                        \||                   ||
                                         \\\                  ||
                                         \\\\      shark      \\\
                                           \\\         teeth  \\\
                                            \\\                \\\\
                                             \\\\\               \\\
                                               \\\\\              \\\
                                                \\\-\\            \-\\
                                                  \-\\---\\       \-\\\
                                                     \---\-------\\ \||
  • For Sale: Live Meal-worms. Price: $3.00 for 50. Please contact TJ.

  • Build your own Boba Fett. Contact Trey 'Money' Larson or The Whore of Ebay immediately. Prices are available upon request.

                                          || /---------\
                                          |//           \\
                                         ||               ||
                                         |                 |
                                        |                   |
                                        | +---------------+ |
                                        | +------+ +------+ |
                                        | --     | |     -- |
                                        |   ---  | |  ---   |
                                        |     \  | |  /     |
                                        |     \  | |  /     |
                                        |      \ | | /      |
                                        |       \| |/       |
                                        |       \| |/       |
                                        |        +-+        |
  • Thursday Taster: Robert Blomis, "How to make an office a better place to work." In the Meridian Room from 12:30-1:30 PM. Topics will include "Work Place Lighting", "Optomizing your Web Browser" and "Photocopying Legalities". To book a place or if you cannot attend this session but would like to make a contribution contact Jim Shooter or the Staff Development Office.

  • During the following two week work period (5/8/00 to 5/19/00), the advertisers known as Trey 'Money' Larson and The Whore of Ebay will be advertising on the Employee BBS. Trey 'Money' Larson and The Whore of Ebay, who are not a part of Chook Industries, have made themselves known to the Chook corporation as infrequent posters on the Chook Industries Message Board. From the Chook Industries Message Board, Trey 'Money' Larson and The Whore of Ebay contacted Chook Industries Business Liaison, Kurt Watson, in order to create marketing relations. Kurt Watson commented, "They sent a really nice mail. They have stupid names, but I like creative advertising, like that Budweiser commercial with the true world chameleons. When I saw that for the fist time, I was laughing right along with the other 20 million Super Bowl fans." Since Chook Industries does not use advertising banners on its web site, it has agreed to let Trey 'Money' Larson and The Whore of Ebay post advertisements on the Employee BBS as a trial. They have also been given temporary mail accounts that will be run through the Chook web site. If this provisional arrangement is successful, Trey 'Money' Larson and The Whore of Ebay will pay a set fee to have their official site run and maintained as an adjacent sister site on the Chook Industries web site. Chook Industries would ask it employees to consider all advertisements placed on the Employee BBS. The Employee BBS is a democratic forum designed for dissemination of employee information. As such, if you are an employee of Chook and you are upset by any of this, please contact Jim Shooter.

  • Larry Snow is proud to announce that Chook Industries email was not affected yesterday by the "I love you" email virus. This is all due to some new internet technology that Chook Industries will be unveiling in a couple weeks time. In celebration of this initial success, Larry has sent around a very funny forward called "I love plumpers". It is not a virus, so do not worry. For those of you who haven't seen the forward, Larry asked that his own words be printed on the Employee BBS to give the staff a clue as to what the foward is. "It has to be one of the funniest forwards ever; the attachment is great. All I'm saying is that must have taken a lot of Twinkees!!! Jimmy, [referring to Jim Shooter] I used you email account to forward the message cause I was near your computer. Don't worry, I made sure you parents got a copy of the forward too."

  • For Sale: Live Crickets. Price: $4.00/dozen. Please contact TJ.

  • A memo from Larry to all employees:

  • Time is a precious tool, use it wisely.

  • CD of the Month: To show that the vandalism done to the vandalism in the females bathroom is not representative of Chook Industries views to the musical artist Ani DiFranco, Jim Shooter has selected "Up Up Up Up Up Up" by Ani DiFranco as album of the month.

  • Bathroom Memo - Due to incidents that occurred over the weekend, Rita Hastead has been banned from the Chook Industries premises. It seems that Hastead broke into the women's bathroom and vandalized it by spray painting "Ani DiFranco is Truth, Chook is a Fraud." Chook Industries has agreed not to press charges against Hastead as long as she does not ever come on Chook Industries property again. Hastead was apprehended by the police after an anonymous phone caller reported a possible burglary. The police station recommended that Chook take precautionary measures in case of any unforseen incidents in the future. In light of this, security cameras will be installed. However, since Chook does not currently have money allotted for camera installation in the entire building, only the female bathrooms have been fitted with security cameras immediately. We would ask that employees be patient in this matter and not complain that the male bathrooms do not have security cameras, or other Chook facilities do not have security cameras, because Chook has in fact purchased no security cameras. The security cameras in the female bathrooms are only the old spy cameras that were discovered several months back. They have been rewired and activated as of today. Finally, it seems that an employee entered the female bathroom today and changed "Ani DiFranco" to "Ani DykeFranco" with lipstick. This type of behavior must stop, because it only has the potential to enflame the situation and is more importantly not nice.

  • The Book of the Month has been declared. How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, by Stan Lee. Selected by Kurt Watson.

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