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The Employee BBS is a database compiling all of the Chook Industries BBS posts. It includes all past and present memos. Newest postings are listed first.

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  • For Sale Clarification: The Stuffed Animal for sale is a toy stuffed animal and not a mounted stuffed. Price $3.00. If interested, please contact TJ. (This post was approved by Will Jaffe.)

  • Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 11:49:37 -0500
    To: Chook Industries BBS Task Force
    From: Alice Woods
    Subject: Themes
    If the Chooky Doo Theme is coming down, will the Garjoe theme go back
    up?  On a side note, I saw Chopping Mall this weekend.  If anyone likes
    slasher flics, it is a pretty good one.  I recommend it.  :p

  • For Sale: Stuffed Animal $3.00. If interested, please contact TJ. (This post was approved by Will Jaffe.)

  • Cliff Woodman will be leaving for his two week vacation tomorrow to do some fishing and drink Corona in the Florida Keys. This means that if there are problems with the site, Cliff will not be able to take care of them since he won't be around. However in such instances, Cliff's assistant, Rick Schroder may be contacted. His extension is the same as Cliff's, 7722.

  • The employee of year which was prematurely announced as Jim Shooter was incorrect. After a recount, the employee of the year was shown to be Larry Snow. Larry has asked that a special good sportsmanship award be giving to Jim for his positive display attitude about the whole situation. Finally, there will be a party later today in Larry's office celebrating his landslide victory and crushing defeat of Jim Shooter.

  • Please be sure to cast your votes for Employee of the year tomorrow.

  • Does anyone know what day is payday in Japan? I need the information for my fanfic.

    - Chris

  • The current Chook Industries Easter Theme of Scooby-Doo and Daphne as played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the upcoming Scooby-Doo: The Movie, and not a dog and prostitute as they have been confessed for recently, will becoming down shortly. Thank you.

  • Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:24:56 -0500
    To: Chook Industries BBS Task Force
    From: Louis Bouchelle <>
    Subject:   Musical Prostitute and Dog
    Hello, is Louis.  No?  Each and everyday I wake at 5:30, have a cafe'
    and a bun.  Then I come to work and muse on dog and prostitute.  It is
    good meditation.  No?  But I am thinking.  A music accompaniment would
    make the dog and prostitute magnifico.  Perhaps some Bach or Sousa,
    Gershwin, Flanders or Swann.  Let me know.  I have some CDs.  Also I
    think these CDs would be better to play at the car wash than Brian's
    song which I do not know.  No?
    Louis Bouchelle Esq.

  • In the future if you have problem with the philanthropies that Human Resources chooses, then please make suggestions at the appropriate time. Since nobody including Brian made any suggestions this year, we feel that nobody has any right to complain. Additionally, if you have a problem with Human Resources, please contact me personally rather than posting your complaints on the Employee BBS. Please contact Pam Ellis if you have complaints or questions.

  • TJ's steps towards wellness are progressing, but unfortunately very slowly. After several auditing sessions that I've conducted with him, I fear that there is a lot of room for improvement. Many of TJ's problems outwardly manifest themselves in the form of his obsessive personality, which is now fixated on Chris from the Art Department and Plasma Lab. Since many of you are concerned about TJ, I will continue to keep you updated on him.

    Will Jaffe

  • The platters on which the pastries were served have been returned. Thank you.

  • Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 11:51:07 -0500
    To: Chook Industries BBS Task Force
    From: Brian Chen <>
    Subject:  At the Car Wash
    Way to go on the idea for this year's philanthropy.  It sounds like
    something someone did for their sorority fund raiser.  Very original
    indeed.  No need for sarcasm on my part though.  I bet the reason why we
    are doing a car wash is because all the other big companies are doing
    car washes too, and we'd rather follow the trend as opposed to do
    something too radical.  Still, we might need something to set our car
    wash apart from the others, like maybe we could play the song "At the
    Car Wash" while washing cars.  I even have a boom box I'd be willing to

  • This year's philanthropy will be a car wash held on Saturday June 29th from 9 AM till 3 PM.

  • The platters on which the pastries were served have disappeared and cafeteria people are unhappy. Do any of you know where they went? Please let me know.


    Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
    Princeton, New Jersey

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