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This section of the page details all of Chook Industries' official products and services. Also found here are the official subsidiaries of Chook Industries, as well as some of Chook Industries' other official output.
  • Products - A listing of products that Chook Industries has to offer
  • Cave of Trouble - the independant band that Chook Industries has contracted to work in coordination with the Writers' Guild in an effort to produce the Chook - the Novel, and the Chook Soundtrack.M
  • Chook RPG - The Chook RPG is availble online here.
  • Chook Zoo - Chook Industries official zoo.
    Note - Chook Zoo has yet to be realized. Currently Chook Industries' is pursuing legal actions in order to make Chook Zoo available to the public.
  • PuzzleYums and GekkoMan - PuzzleYums and GekkoMan originally started out as a puzzle game, but has now been redefined as a groundbreaking children's game.

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