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Comic Book Sale!!!

Here are the comics that we are selling!
Comic Book Captain Canuck Reborn # 0: Canada's answer to Captain America. A classic.
Price $15.00
Comic Book Candiliscious-Bigger Than You Figure Ad: How did that rattle snake swallow that chunk of candy? Don't worry about it, decorate any wall with this classic ad.
Price $75.00
Comic Book Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos # 2: Hi-Ya! Let your friends taste the kommando karate passion of Chuck's foot. You'll be the envy of your barrio.
Price $15.00
Comic Book Safety Belt Man #1: Whoa! This is one graphic comic! How hardcore are you?
Price $20.00
Comic Book Starriors #1: The first sequence in a four-part action-packed quest blows you away as you open up to page one of this collectible classic. Dick of Cave of Trouble says, "The coolest part of this comic book is the drawn ad Super Mario Brothers on the back of the cover."
Price: $25.00
Comic Book Police Academy #5: At the height of its comic book reign Marvel Comics released the Police Academy comic. Now for a limited time you can own a part of this pivotal era for one of the biggest comic book companies ever.
Price: $10.00
Comic Book The Science Fair Story of Electronics: As the cover says, "Compliments of Radio Shack". Find out just what "America's Space Tug" is.
Price: $10.00.
Comic Book Willow #1: "Dada, dada, we found a Daikini baby down by the wiva'!"
Price: Priceless, but for a limited time only $30.00.
Comic Book Batman Gotham #477 with forged Stan Lee signature: Why own another no-name Marvel comic autographed by Stan Lee when you can own a DC comic with an honest to God FAKE Stan Lee signature?
Price: $24.00
Comic Book PSI-Lords # 1: This comic has one shiny cover. How would you like to have its chrome colors brighten up your room?
Price: Cover Price - $3.50

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