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Coming Soon!

Do you enjoy reading the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan online comics?  Well how would you like to read them in color?  Soon PuzzleYums and GekkoMan comics will be!  Click here for a sneak preview.

How would you like to get official PuzzleYums and GekkoMan information delivered right to your front door?  Well, then be sure to join the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan fan club, PuzzleNutz, as soon as possible!  Click here to see just a little of what PuzzleNutz has in store for you.

PuzzleYums and GekkoMan the Video Game

Its about to hit your shelves shortly.  All members of Team PuzzleTron should check the GekkoPlex web site regularly to find out when!  

That's all the news now Team PuzzleTron, but be sure to keep on the lookout for Spider Monkeys!




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