It was Saturday.  Dirt Devil Dave was sitting on the porch just hanging out. Dirt Devil Dave was the type of Dirt Devil that made the ladies sweat.  He had a swagger to his walk and knew just how to clean up.

Dirt Devil Dana walked by.  Dirt Devil Dana was fine, perhaps the finest Dirt Devil in all Dirt Devilbury.

“Hey girl,” called Dirt Devil Dave to Dirt Devil Dana.  “What is up?”

“Nothing much,” replied Dirt Devil Dana casually.

“Why don’t you come up here on the porch and we can have some lemonade?”

“That sounds good.  Is lemonade all you want though?” asked Dirt Devil Dana coyly.

Dirt Devil Dave leaned back.  He had to play his card right.  “Well you are looking mighty fine today if you know what I mean.”

Dirt Devil Dana blushed.   “Okay.”

Yes!  Dirt Devil Dave was in like Flint.  He always knew how to say just the right things.  He waited till Dirt Devil Dana got up on the porch.  Now just some conversation.  What to talk about though?  Dirt Devil Dana looked tense.  “Let me get that lemonade,” said Dirt Devil Dave.  He went into the house to the kitchen and poured the lemonade.  Nothing.  He couldn’t think of anything!  Before he knew it, the lemonade was poured and he was back on the porch handing Dirt Devil Dana her glass.  She still looked tense.  He knew he had better think of something pronto!  Then all the sudden it hit him.  “Hey, do you remember back in the day?”

Dirt Devil Dana relaxed a little.  “Yeah, yeah I do.”

“Yeah, weren’t those the best of times?”


“Hey what are you doing this evening?”

“Nothing, why?”

“Do you want to go out later tonight?”

“Sure, Dirt Devil Dave.  Sure I do.”

Dirt Devil Dave always got the girls!

~The End~

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