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PuzzleYums and GekkoMan Monday, May 29, 2000 - (05-29-00)

PuzzleYums and GekkoMan

Bad news came last Wednesday for fans of PuzzleYums and GekkoMan when Chook Industries made the unfortunate announcement that the long awaited PuzzleYums and GekkoMan video game would be delayed indefinitely. Jim Shooter commented, "We feared that we would run into some copyright issues. A lot of the graphics need to be completely reworked as a result. It isn't one of those things that wasn't any one person's fault, just miscommunication." Views within Chook Industries itself and the status of the game had been somewhat varying. Jerome Church had wanted the game to be released. "Man, I don't see the big deal. It wasn't like we were trading Metallica MP3z or nothing. I really don't see how Mr. Monkey Business looked like Spawn anyway."

Fans are to rest assure though that Chook will still be releasing the game in the future. To keep anticipations for the game high Chook Industries will be releasing limited edition game boxes for the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan video game this July. The PuzzleYums and GekkoMan collectible game boxes which will retail for $9.99 up through September at which point they will no longer be made available to the public. When the actual PuzzleYums and GekkoMan game is released, it will come in different packaging. For those who have purchased the limited edition PuzzleYums and GekkoMan box, they will be able to put the game into the different limited edition container. Martha Holmes commented, "Kids love collectable stuff. The Pokemon games have sold really well, but at the same time they are very expensive for what basically only boils down to different colored cartridges. 30 to 40 dollars a pop is out of a lot of kids price range, and for the kids who can afford it, Nintendo is making money hand over fist on them. We decided to offer something that kids could afford and would still be collectable. Hence the game box idea." Fans are encouraged to stay tune for the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan limited edition boxes out this July.

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