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PuzzleYums and GekkoMan Tuesday, February 08, 2000 - (02-08-00)

Secrets Revealed about the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan Game

PuzzleYums & GekkoMan

Do you want to know more about PuzzleYums and GekkoMan? Or maybe just why GekkoMan eats cinnamon all the time or why PuzzleYums has three different telephone numbers at which he can be reached? Wait, is that puzzle-phone ringing? Yes it is, let me answer it. Hello....PuzzleYums! How are you? What... GekkoMan got bit by Warlock Teeth?!?! Okay, I'll bring the Gekko-Grappler, I'm on my way! Do you wish you could be a part of all the fun, and know what PuzzleYums is saying over the phone or just how GekkoMan can smack the Porta-Planet's Subshop-Gary and knock his toupee off every time? If you do, make sure that you log into the Chook Industries web site everyday to check for updates on the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan game. Chook Industries has announced that it will be setting up a special web site that will detail the antics of PuzzleYums and GekkoMan. The site will be only accessible on Chook Industries Web Site with a combination of login name and secret password. So get ready, or should we say as GekkoMan might, "Goody, Goody, Goody, freeman and slave, patrician and plebian, lord and serf, Goody, Goody!!!"

February 8, 2000, marked the beginning of Chook Industries' promotional campaign for the PuzzleYums and GekkoMan product. What comes as a surprise to almost everyone is that Chook Industries will be doing the promotional campaign and release of the game in such a short time.

Jim Shooter had commented, "I'm sure there is some precedent for quick, hard-hitting product publicity and release, but my question would be how successful were they? So many products on the market today see delayed releases or bad sales because of poor advertising. I don't think we are rushing PuzzleYums and GekkoMan at all. PuzzleYums and GekkoMan is going to be tremendous."

A couple years ago Chook Industries tried to put out a role-playing game, but because of hastiness, the game was not released. The role-playing game may see an eventual release, but for now Chook Industries wants to learn from its past mistakes by focusing on the products that are sure-fire winners.

Larry Snow talks about the problem with rushing things:

"When I was a young man, I broke into my father's closet where I discovered heap upon towering heap of the very finest German pornography known to man! Fate must have been an angry feminist though, for upon my discovering it, the whole stack fell upon me and I dislocated my knee. Now that I think of it, I must be a feminist, too. I do not shave my armpits. I like flannel, and have been known to wear sweatpants on Wednesday. I even secretly find Ellen and her girlfriend attractive and vaguely alluring. In fact I would go so far as to say that sometimes I feel jealous rage well up in my fatty heart when I see Ellen hold Anne's hairy hand. I bet they never rushed into the dating game and really did fall in love listening to the Indigo Girls when they decided to forsake Hollywood. Take your time I say, cruise that slow lane, and maybe, just maybe you'll run into an attractive lesbian."

For now all we can do is await the entrance of PuzzleYums and GekkoMan.

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