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COT Friday, January 28, 2000 - (01-28-00)

Cave of Trouble is Interviewed About EP2000


Chook Industries's studio band, Cave of Trouble, has recently released its first musical effort of the millenium, EP 2000. Chook Industries breaks from its busy work schedule to catch up with Gru McParland of the Cave of Trouble.

Chook: Do you want to tell us anything about the songs on the album?

Gru: It is a pretty decent EP. I don't know if the EP captures our true potential. The opening song is kind of embarrassing.

Chook: Why did you put it on?

Gru: Well, at the time we thought it was funny. However, it isn't like we recorded the song or anything. It was on the eight-track when we got it.

Chook: I don't think I follow...

EP2000 Gru: Hold on, let me light this cigarette. Well we got it off this kid.

Chook: What? The song?

Gru: No, the eight-track. The song was on the eight-track.

Chook: So, the eight-track wasn't yours?

Gru: Well, it is now. We acquired it from this kid who lives on my block.

Chook: Then you stole it?

Gru: No, no way dude. We don't steal stuff. We got it legit, trading.

Chook: Trading?

Gru: Yeah. We traded the kid some gaming cards and stuff. The kid got what he needed and we got what we needed. No questions asked, you know what I mean? And the eight-track just so happened to have a song on it. So we figured, why not release it as an unspoken nod to whoever did it.

Chook: So the kid did it?

Gru: I doubt it. He was only ten, although the song sounds like a ten-year-old made it. His brother probably did it. I think he plays music.

Chook: Does the brother know you have the eight-track?

Gru: Of course not. We only gave the kid like twenty-five bucks' worth of cards. Gaming cards are a false market anyway, but you didn't hear that from me. Look, just don't worry about it. I'm sure they worked it out "cause we haven't heard anything yet.

Chook: And the song?

Gru: Well that is ours. Since we released it, we are taking credit for it.

If you want to know more about the Cave of Trouble or are interested in purchasing their music, be sure to check out the Chook Industries web site. Also be sure to look for the Official Cave of Trouble Page that will be hosted by Chook Industries in the near future.

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