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PuzzleYums and GekkoMan Wednesday, January 05, 2000 - (01-05-00)

Chook Industries Enters the Games and Puzzle Market

PuzzleYums & GekkoMan

Chook Industries will be entering the puzzle market in March of the New Millennium. Jim Shooter commented on the present puzzle market. "For a long time puzzles seem to be something that lack innovation. I think that Chook Industries can breathe life into the market with our new product." The puzzle project is being guarded with extreme secrecy for fear that other competition may beat Chook Industries to the punch. PuzzleYums & GekkoMan Martha Holmes, a key developer, indicated that several major firms had approached some of Chook Industries' employees trying to bribe them for information concerning the project. "It's all very unprofessional, but that is the world of business for you." However Chook Industries has decided to release the title of the project to generate interest. The title of the new puzzle will be PuzzleYums and GekkoMan. Only time will reveal more about this exciting new product.

Larry Snow, president of Chook Industries, elucidates the selection of the name for the product.

"Our primary goal at Chook is to sell things for the profit-centurious populace's benefit. For those of you unfamiliar with the profit-centurious populace, it is a Latin word that I, Larry Snow, word chemist and President of Chook Industries, have mentally oxidized into being. If one wanted to define profit-centurious-populace he must travel to the Fort Knox of China, where Confucius say, 'profit margins for business executives only.'"

Further updates will be posted as more information is made available.

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